The hands of the jewellery maker will take your jewellery in the right direction

As soon as your desired jewellery is on paper, our experienced jewellery maker will get his hands on it. His skills and experience will help him assess the time demands of your design. He will also evaluate and propose what kind of material will be best for your jewellery. This process is entirely individual. The jewellery maker must define work for each new design, so that he understands the basis behind your idea and can assess what kind of material will be best to select.

Another task for the jewellery maker is to propose a production approach.
First the processing of the jewellery will be thought out extensively, and then your selected sales representative will invite you to a personal consultation, at which you will be explained the entire process of "the birth of your jewellery", the time frame for production, the selection of materials and stones, including the sizes and weights of the carats. Then it will be time to determine the price for the jewellery of your dreams.


Jewellery has been a part of our lives for as long as anyone can remember. It is our decoration, and it underscores our beauty. It enhances us.
Yes, the jewellery that we wear can say a lot about us. It indicates to those around us how much we have style.
It gives a direction to our taste, goes well with us and makes us happy.
Jewellery has amazing power, and it can please, caress, impress and charm a person. It's not only its shininess and glitter that attracts such interest from us. Jewellery has something that makes us crave it, and we want to dress in it and let ourselves be surrounded by it.
Each of us is different. For some of us, a piece of jewellery represents a symbol. For others, it brings joy and a good feeling. For others still, it can have incalculable value. Perhaps it has been inherited, and perhaps it has been donated.

Regardless of which situation is true, jewellery is something very important for us emotionally.